Backup versus Recovery 
 Which is more important?  

by Pam Jones

A government study found that 93% of companies that experienced data recovery problems after a computer crash, were out of business within 18 months. The vast majority of these companies were small businesses not large corporations.  Large corporations focus on getting back 100% of their data in a timely manner. They simply cannot afford data loss or to be down very long. Neither can you.

Many small business owners concentrate on backing up their data, but what happens when you have a complete crash and need to recover your operating system? Sure, you may have a recovery disk for your computer and all of your disks to reinstall your programs, but how much time would it take to get your computer back up and running after a crash? Do you have time to spend a good few days reinstalling everything? I sure don't.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to perform a complete restore WITHOUT all the hassle? I have found the perfect backup system to do just that. I back up each night automatically
without having to do anything after the initial setup. If I encounter a crash, I can restore my whole system in a matter of a couple of hours rather than a few days or weeks.

Is your current backup system:

Fully Automated?

  • Theft Proof?

  • Stored off-site?

  • Priced Economically?

  • Physically Secure?

  • Electronically Secure?

  • Fire Proof?

Being able to RECOVER your information is much more important than backing it up on a regular basis. You can backup for years, but to stay in business after a data crash, you need to be able to recover the data.

Did I mention that the support is outstanding? I had a problem with some of my files and the support team was right there to walk me through the recovery process (this was on a
weekend, too). They knew that my business is important to me and wanted me to be back up and running in the shortest possible time.

If you are looking for a backup system that provides Security, Convenience and Reliability, take a look at TrueEvaulting at

Don't just take my word for it. You can try a 30-day FREE Trial 

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