by Tom Koziol

"The best laid plans of mice and men..." is a saying that
requires absolutely no interpretation for anyone attempting
to put their site on the web. And strangely enough, it is
apropos to this article.

Since Part I appeared in this fine newsletter, I've been
going the rounds with Internic to get my site transferred
from the old host to the new host. As of this writing, is still a dream.

But, if I let the problems I did not create hamper my
efforts, I would never realize my goal. Internic and I both
have 24/7 but it's obvious they use their time to confound
me. I've used my time to redesign my site, submit articles
for publication (both on and off line) and, generally,
hustle to keep a few dollars coming into the house.

I don't write these words so you think I'm some kind of
hero. I write them because it is an example of the time
management principles I espouse.

It would have been easy to procrastinate. Easy to let my
routine go to hell in a hand basket. Easy to give up and
blame somebody else for all my troubles.

Fortunately, I've figured out I'm responsible for maximizing
my time. I'm the one who has to keep both the
characteristics of time and time's governing principles
square in front of me. Nobody else really cares about my web
site. Sound like your situation?

I will touch on time's characteristics and list the ten


1. Time cannot be expanded or contracted. 24/7 is it. There
ain't no more.
2. Time cannot be recovered or replaced. When it is gone,
it is gone.
3. Time is a dimension controlled on a per second basis.
Seconds equal minutes.
Minutes equal hours. Hours equal days, etc.
4. Time is quantifiable. Look at your wrist watch and
5. Time flows irreversibly forward. The future becomes the
present and the present
becomes the past.

This sounds like a tremendous grasp of the obvious but think
about it. If you actually believe you can save or invest
time, then you don't understand these characteristics.

In order to control or manage effectively, you must
understand the characteristics and principles underlying
what it is you wish to control or manage. That's a universal
law that cannot be violated without inviting failure.


1. Principle of Reflection---Some gurus call this goal
setting. That means you must decide on what you want out of
life and perfect a plan to get there.

2. Principle of Priority---Call this decision ranking.
Obviously, some will be more important than others. Hence,
they get ranked from most to least.

3. Principle of Expansion---An event will expand to fill
all available time. Procrastination is most often identified
as the culprit. After all, it is easy to put something off
rather than tackle it head on.

4. Principle of Balance---Tasks are identified as
maintenance or progress. Maintenance tasks are those
designed to maintain, i.e., eating, sleeping, grocery
shopping, etc. Progress tasks are the ones that move you
closer to your goal. For example, autoresponders, learning
the built in shortcuts to your web creation program, etc.

5. Principle of Timing---Knowing the time of day you do
your best work. Some folks are early risers and get more
done before 8:30 than most people do all day. Others, are
night owls. Which one are you?

6. Principle of Focus---Could be called your attention
span. If you find your attention wanders very easily, you
have a short attention span.

7. Principle of Division---Take those complicated tasks and
divide them into small, easy to do parts.

8. Principle of Elimination---Priority coupled with
evaluation equals elimination. Everything does not have
priority. If it did, you'd never accomplish anything.

9. Principle of Consolidation---Perform more than one task
at a time. The trip to the grocery store could include stops
at the dry cleaners, stationery store and gas station.

10. Principle of Flexibility---Adjusting to the moment.
Unexpected demands will happen. That is a given. How you
handle them is the key.

Marry these principles with the characteristics of time and
you will devise an unstoppable time management program.

Tom Koziol is the creator of, your fail safe money management program aimed at increasing your bottom line. Guaranteed! With over 33 years in the financial arena he's seen it all. Visit his site to learn how to
effectively make, save and accumulate money. Tom also ghost writes articles for wanna be authors, writes press releases, speeches and designs PR campaigns. He loves the challenge


Tom has notified me that he has put this information into a
manual " The Netpreneur's Cyber Time Management Manual"

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