by Craig Lock

1. Accept that you can achieve financial success and make a commitment to yourself to attain it. It is within your grasp if you really want it. Really BELIEVE it - that is the most important step. Only then will the incredible power of the human mind work out a means of achieving it.  Reject the idea that work is simply something you have to do until the age of retirement.

2. Ask yourself this: Where do you want to be in 2,5,10 years time? Set goals that excite you. If you could do absolutely anything with your life, what would you do. If you had unlimited money or found out you only had a month to live, what would you do? Write them down.

3. Establish your current financial position. What is the cash inflow and outflow. Horrors! Which areas can be improved upon? Everything!

4. Develop your NEW plans. Decide what action you are going to take that will move you closer to the achievement of your goals? All goals should be specific and have a time constraint.

5. Closely monitor the performance of your investments and your rate of savings.

6. Try to put extra savings into investment (it could be your own business)

7. Review and reward yourself annually if your targets are met.

8. Pursue your personal goals and business ideas with all you've got. With real PASSION and PURPOSE. If you really BELIEVE In them, they are far more likely to be achieved.

9. Still try to live a BALANCED life... or as balanced as you can make it.

10.The highest cost of all is the cost of waiting to TAKE ACTION to change your current circumstances in life (as 94% of the population apparently are dissatisfied with their situations. It is up to you to do things differently. So take ACTION now- to change course. You get only one shot at life, so make the most of it.

Always remember,

* True prosperity is created from within. All prosperity is created in the mind. You are only as wealthy, happy or as prosperous as WHAT YOU FEEL... and what you make up your mind to be. And money is not everything. For me, health, family and happiness are far far more important considerations.

Aim high, dream high.

If you aim for the tree tops, you might not get off the ground... so why not aim for the stars.


* Craig Lock has been involved in the personal finance field for over twenty-five years in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. He is now an author of five published books with another twelve being published and marketed on the internet. Craig has written extensively on money matters: articles, brochures for financial institutions and books. He is presently living in beautiful slow New Zealand waiting for the next adventure life has in store for him.

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