by Craig Lock

Here are my 10 principles:

1 A clear-cut Vision or Goal on what you are trying to achieve. This also shows where you are headed, because we all tend to lose direction and go off track at times in our lives.

2 Total Commitment to, and Belief in the Goal. Use of innovation and imagination to achieve the Goal.

3 Use the Immense powers of your mind to reach your full potential in life: through imagination and visualising the goal as already having been achieved.

4 Effective use of Resources (people, money, technology to effect innovation). Don’t be shy about asking for help when needed. People like to assist others in need.

5 Have an ATTITUDE of Optimism, Positive thinking and a Willingness to take calculated risks.

6 Have Faith in God, or a Higher Power (or whatever you perceive the forces of nature/life to be) and a strong belief in yourself and what you are trying to do. Draw on this unseen power by praying often to God for inspiration and direction in your life.

7 Try to provide Value for Money to the people you serve. Rather think, ”what more can I provide for a dollar, rather than trying to give less (in product or service)!”

8 Have a willingness to build a foundation for Long Term Benefits. Put in the spadework, then take a long term view of success, because it doesn’t usually happen overnight. So be patient.

9 Be Persistent . If you have followed all the above principles, and still have absolute faith that the path you are following is right for YOU...

Never give up on your dream.

and finally,

10. Take Enjoyment in pursuing your Goal, or Life Mission. Don’t forget, have fun along the journey that is life. Success is not everything and “life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the main event.”



• Dream big dreams.

• Have a goal and plan to achieve.

• Love doing what you do.

• Listen to the advice of your spouse/partner (who knows you better than anybody else.

• Seek help from those who skills you don’t have. . Build on your strengths and try to minimise your weaknesses

• Believe you are a winner, or at least someone who CAN be.

• Work smarter, not necessarily harder.

• Fly with the eagles; don’t scratch with the turkeys.

• Be decisive, determined and most of all, self-disciplined.

and finally, and most importantly,

• Be honest, with the absolutely highest integrity at all times. Because, once you lose your integrity, you’ve lost everything.

Say to yourself daily,

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Authors Note:

Craig Lock has written extensively on the subject of success, as well as in the field of self help. This extract is from his first published book HANDBOOK FOR SURVIVAL IN THE NINETIES (which has been updated and renamed HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM) . These books are available at : 

“HANDBOOK TO SURVIVE THE NINETIES AND THE NEW CENTURY A collection of writings on various subjects to help every man or woman survive in a rapidly changing, uncertain world. HANDBOOK is written in a simple style to help the ‘everyperson’ make the most of themselves and their lives easier. It takes an introductory look at what motivates us and how to set goals... to find our true purpose for being on this planet. Also how to handle the stresses life throws at us. I found it very helpful for my own life.” - Birgitta, Minerva Press (UK)

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PS: Dear Americans, please excuse my British English spelling. Very Colonial! I am quite happy for these articles to be used and distributed by other electronic and other magazines (as long as credit is given). If they help others out there in any way, then I’m happy.

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