Managing Your Email
by Pam Jones

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with email? There have been times when it took me all day to go through my email until I learned a few tricks. I found that a lot of the email I received was spam and had heard that you can use filters for spam. I have decided against using the filters because I found that messages I needed to receive were being filtered out ! Besides it takes just a second to hit the delete button. Now I can just about look at a message and know whether to delete it or not without even opening it.

Here's what I do to manage my email:

I create new folders to file messages. I have folders for correspondence, newsletters, items that need to be taken care of right away, etc. As I check my inbox, I look for what I know to be urgent messages or messages I know I need to take care of right away. I either answer them as I open those messages or move them to whatever file is appropriate and continue checking the rest of the messages. The newsletters go into the newsletter file to be read when I can, the spam is deleted, and the rest are briefly looked at to see if it is something I want to keep or delete and moved to the appropriate file. My inbox is always clean and I know what messages I need to respond to right away.

Messages can be sorted into appropriate folders as they come in. I can set up my email program so that if I receive mail from a certain address it will go directly into a file, be forwarded to someone else or deleted automatically.

Spend some time in your email program. Look at all of the functions and what they do. Use your email program to your best advantage. My email program is my best friend for keeping me organized with all of the various duties I need to perform to keep my business running smoothly.
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