Are You Overwhelmed?
by Pam Jones

Do you sometimes find yourself with way too much to do and way too little time to do it in and the more you try to do the more behind you seem to get? That's the way I've been feeling lately. I think a lot of us who are trying to market on the Internet feel that way. Many of us are operating a bricks and mortar business, want to spend time with our families and our online time is scheduled around our other activities. There are times when we have no control over outside situations and simply have to adjust somehow.

Sometimes we have to take a few steps back and take a look at what is the most important to us and weed out those unnecessary things that seem to hold us back. Other times we need to just shut ourselves off from the rest of the world for a short period of time to get regrouped and back on track.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a step back. Look at where you spend most of your time. Do you easily get sidetracked by links to things that are real cool, but really don't have anything to do with the results you are striving for? Do you spend a lot of time weeding through your email because you don't have a system for sorting through it? There are any number of distractions when you are trying to market on the Internet.

For a week keep track of everything that  you do. Take a serious look at those tasks. Is the majority of your time spent performing tasks that are really necessary  in order to reach your goals or they things that can be done some other time or by someone else, if they really need to be done at all. If they are necessary you are on the right track. If  not you need to revamp a little. Decide what your main goal is and decide what tasks will lead you to that goal and eliminate all other tasks that will hinder your progress, at least until you can get on track again.

Your main responsibility is operating your business. If your online tasks are holding you back, contact us. We deal with the Internet on a daily basis. You may find that you time to enjoy the things you haven't been able to enjoy in a while. 

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