by Pam Jones

In the time that I have been online I have learned many things since the first day I tuned into the Internet. I've learned a lot and my goals have changed a few times. When I first got involved with marketing on the Internet my intentions were to promote the 2 MLMs I was representing.

My first website was set up so I could promote the initial MLM I was working yet be able to add reseller programs. I started out placing classified ads all over the place before I had a website. I spent A LOT of time researching how to market on the Internet, looking at sites to see what I liked and didn't like to use in the  planning stages of  my own website.

If you are a newbie to marketing on the Internet, especially an MLMer, does this sound familiar? You are all excited because you have a vehicle to promote your products. You don't have a website yet, but you don't need one-you have EMAIL. Right! You have your ads all ready to place and go to every FFA site you can find. Hours are spent for weeks placing ads and you know your hard work is going to pay off.

Soon you start getting mail in your email box and you are so excited because someone is responding to your ads. As you open your messages more often than not the messages says something to the effect of  "I saw your ad. Please send me more information. In the meantime take a look at my wonderful offer so you, too, and be a millionaire over night."

It doesn't take long to realize that the majority of your email is that nasty word "SPAM" and you start wondering when you might get a REAL inquiry. (By the way I hope you aren't one of those that are sending those messages.)

When I started my first website I could steer potential prospects to my website and provide follow-up information through email. One thing I found was that from my website I could promote various products instead of just one-but I still wasn't making any money. Oh, I'd make a little here and a little there with the various reseller programs I was involved with.

As time went by I found that I was spreading myself too thin and dissolved my relationship with the mlms I was working and decided to devote my attention to my own business-Profit Power Internet Promotions. My intentions were to work with local business people in preparing and promoting their websites. This has since turned into a world-wide venture which is very exciting for me.

There are a few things I have done that are gaining me more and more visibility on the Internet. The first thing I did after creating my website was to start PIP News. I also spent some time at message boards asking questions and  responding to messages when I felt I could offer beneficial advice. I have formed relationships with others in the Internet community and by working with them to promote their products or services, they help me promote mine. Any time I run across a site where I can promote my products-I do it IMMEDIATELY! If I wait it tends to be forgotten and thus not done. I don't have quite the traffic I would like to have at my site but it grows weekly. I may not have thousands of subscribers to PIP News yet, but the subscriber base is growing daily.

These are things you, too, can do to gain a more targeted audience no matter what your products or services are. If you are in a very competitive field it may take more work on your part, but it can happen. One thing I have found is that you have to BELIEVE in what you are doing. If your heart isn't in it-it won't happen for the long term. The smallest discouragements can cause you to give up. That's one of the problems with promoting someone else's products. You have much more conviction and interest when you have your own products to promote.

1) Create your website and get it in tip-top shape so you can take orders and start your own in-house opt-in email list.

2) Start a newsletter. Offer information pertaining to your product, service or opportunity. If you offer specialty art supplies and your target audience is artists create a newsletter offering information on where to purchase art supplies, the best places to advertise art, special techniques, etc.

3) Visit message boards that cater to your target audience. For a list or message board directories go to Find the message boards pertaining to your target audience and become involved with them. Ask questions and reply when you have something to offer.

4) Form alliances with others in your field. Become acquainted with those you might be able to trade advertising with or help each other in various ways. Use your imagination.

5) Promote your products and services at every opportunity.

6) Don't forget about offline promotion.


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