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E-Mail is fast becoming very popular for marketing on the Internet. Being able to send one message to many addresses at once with very little or no expenses sounds like the most wonderful way to market a product or service, doesn't it? WRONG!

There are two approaches to email marketing - the wrong way and the right way:

The WRONG way:
SPAMMING-This is the quickest way to market to millions of people, but can also be the most disastrous. Sure, you will get some customers or sales; but, you will also get a reputation as a spammer and you take the chance of getting booted off your ISP's system.

The RIGHT (and more ethical) way:
Use targeted, non-bulk, direct email. This is more time consuming and requires lots of preparation but you will receive much better results. You will have a strong, ongoing marketing program with successful results and a potential for stronger growth. This type of marketing will take a bit longer and is not free but is worth the effort and the relatively low expense.

Now that you know the most effective way to use email for your marketing efforts what information should be included in your email message?

No matter what you are selling or what your service might be the basic steps include the following:

1-Get your reader's attention
2-Retain their interest
3-Create a desire for your product or service
4-Get them to TAKE ACTION!

Getting the reader's attention

Prepare a catchy headline. Your headline must offer a benefit to the reader-something they will gain from the purchase of your product or service-without hiding the intent of your message.

Don't use deceitful headlines.
I received an email recently. The subject line read "The money is under the ....." The message was another one of the "I saw your ad-send more info-now take a look at this" messages.

Be blatantly up front.
This is absolutely essential to ethical email marketing. We all have to be overly sensitive to this issue, or risk being branded deceptive marketers.

The Body of Your Message
Express your message in a short concise manner. Use a narrow text width. Text blocks formatted wider than the potential customer's display will be skewed and hard to read. Format your promotional materials for less than 70 characters per line.

Keep your message short and to the point.

Don't use exclamation points. This can't be expressed enough-don't use them. Exclamation points are the trademark of the high-pressure, low-experience direct marketer.

Insert the email address you will use for responses. Autoresponders are very handy for this, but you can reply to inquiries manually using cut and paste. The main thing is to get information back to the respondent as soon as possible.

Make sure when the recipient reads your AD, they will have a clearly marked, simple path to the complete information on your product.

Building Desire and Demanding Action

Whether you choose to use an autoresponder or handle information requests manually, you will want to design your return information very carefully. This will really be your sales letter. Your initial letter is the "bait". Your sales letter is the "hook". Be sure your sales letter includes:

-The benefits purchasers will gain from your product or service
-If possible, a method (website) for seeing pictures of the product or an explanation of your services.
-Complete description of the product or service (repeat the benefits with the description)
-A Call for Action (contact us today)
-Methods for ordering both online and offline (you can put an order form directly on your sales letter)

1-Get your reader's attention with your email AD

2-Retain their interest by responding as soon as possible with your sales letter, either by autoresponders or manually

3-Create a desire for your product or service

4-Get them to TAKE ACTION! Provide an immediate way for your new customer to order your product or service both online and offline. A good way to do this is to have an order form at the end of your sales letter.

If you would like more information on email marketing please feel free to email me. There are many articles available covering this subject. I would be happy to help you with your marketing sales letter and offer suggestions or advice.

Please, lets keep our online marketing ethical - and DON'T SPAM!


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