by Pam Jones

If you are reading this I am assuming that you have a product or service you are marketing on the Internet. What avenues have you used to market your product or service? Classified sites, linking your URL to every site you come in contact with, FFA's (free-for-all sites), banner exchanges, attempting to get the best search engine ratings, bulk mailings? Have any of these attempts really brought you the traffic you desire? 

All of the above techniques either take a lot of time or can get you in trouble with your ISP. Why not start your own newsletter? Market to existing customers and visitors who are already familiar with your products or services.

What would I put in my newsletter, you ask?

I am sure you know something about your product or service that you can share with your readers. If you have a craft site your newsletter could contain information about where to purchase supplies at wholesale cost, information about message boards where crafters can share ideas, maybe a "recipe" for putting together a craft item.

If you are in the service business you can offer tips pertaining to the service you provide. When I had my sewing business I would run into certain altering problems with customers. I put an article in the local newspaper once a month addressing certain tips to educate my customers about how to purchase clothing, the advantages of custom clothing, etc. This helped immensely and many times a customer would say they remembered my article when they were purchasing clothing and followed my advice. You can do this with any type of service you provide.

OK-You have me convinced I need to start my own newsletter. How do I get started?

Your newsletter doesn't have to be long and drawn out. You don't even really have to write your own articles if you don't want to. Depending on the information your newsletter will contain, there are many places where you can use articles that others have written. Most of the time there are stipulations that for using the article. It must have their contact information intact, which is only fair.

I would suggest first subscribing to newsletters pertaining to your field of expertise and look at the articles in them. You can write to the authors for permission to use their articles if you find some you would like to use. At my site at http://www.i-m-r-c.com/resources/index.htm   you will find some places that offer articles for use in newsletters. Find newsletters that pertain to what you are doing and subscribe to them to get an idea of what your market might be looking for in a newsletter.

How do I get subscribers to my newsletter?

First, promote your newsletter on your website. Have a spot for visitors to subscribe. If you have been collecting the email addresses of visitors, send them an email message telling them about your new newsletter and offer a subscription to them.

Write up a press release in various lengths ranging from one or two lines to a full page. Submit your newsletter to every site that accepts ezine listings. For a list of places to submit your press release go to http://i-m-r-c.com/resources/prs.htm There you will find links to various sites that allow you to list your ezine. Don't forget to write to other ezines pertaining to your area of expertise and offer to exchange ads and articles.

How do I handle the mailing of my newsletter?

You can mail your newsletter yourself if you have a good email program. Build a group list of your subscribers in your email program. Mail your newsletter to yourself with your subscribers in the BCC section of the message. If you use BCC instead of CC your subscriber's address will be hidden from the other subscribers.

There are list servers that will handle every detail of your newsletter except putting it together. All you have to do is send the newsletter to them and they take care of the rest. There are various list servers. Some are free and some charge for the service. Contact us if you would like help setting up a newsletter.

For more information related to newsletter publishing visit http://www.i-m-r-c.com/article/index.htm

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Pam Jones specializes in offering quality information and services that will keep you on the right track with your online marketing to help you increase your profits. Visit the Internet Marketing Resource Center at http://www.i-m-r-c.com, for tips, tools, resources and helpful articles. Or find out about web hosting, website design or redesign, domain name research & registration, online marketing & promotion and website maintenance services at affordable prices for small to medium sized businesses at Clearwater Web Solutions at http://www.clearwaterwebsolutions.com.

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