Getting the Most From Message Boards and Discussion Groups
By Pam Jones

If you haven't used message boards as an information source, you really are missing some great opportunities to learn and gain exposure. Here are a few directories for online discussion boards:

I have received a lot of help by reading posts on various discussion boards and by asking questions there. Very rarely have I posted a question that wasn't answered and many times it is answered that day. Some message boards will allow you to receive an email when your message has been responded to. This is great because you know without checking the board all the time if your message has been answered.

If you haven't dealt with discussion boards or newsgroups it is a good idea to lurk a bit before responding to a post or posting a message to get a feel for what the board is about and the types of messages posted. When posting a message most boards will allow you to leave your url and email address. Some of the best responses I have received from leaving messages on message boards. Be sure to stay on topic and not post unrelated messages or blatant advertising. You could receive some serious repercussions from this.

Some of my favorite message boards are:

Cybermarketing Infoboard
Anthony Blake Online

I have not only learned much from visiting the discussion boards, but am able to contribute back periodically some of my experience and knowledge. It is fun to share with others and to get to know them. Find the discussion boards that will benefit you and go from there. Become a part of the community and you will be amazed at the things you will learn and the traffic that can be generated by this. Set aside specific time each day or week to visit the boards on a regular basis. It can very well turn out to be one of the best ways to spend that amount of time for your service or business.


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