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Are you confused about the new

CAN-Spam Act?

On January  12, 2004, Internet Law attorney Bruce Safran clarified most of my questions about the CAN-Spam Act in a 3-hour teleconference. Bruce covered all of my major concerns and I left the call with much more understanding about the Act and how it would affect me and my business.

If you missed the teleconference
you can still have access to this valuable information

For a limited time Bruce has made available the MP3 Audio and PDF transcripts of this 3-hour teleconference for only $49.95

That's over 3 hours of legal advice
that you can listen to or read over and over!

During the teleconference Bruce covered:

  • How the CAN-Spam Act will affect your business, advertising campaigns and newsletter

  • What you need to do to be in compliance

  • Required web site documentation

  • The future of email marketing

  • Adveretising Do's and Dont's

And a whole lot more!!

Remember - only ONE infraction of the law can be
disastrous to your business
And...Ignorance is NO excuse!!

If you are wondering how the CAN-Spam Act
will affect you and your business
order the MP3s and PDF file NOW!

The $49.95 investment could just save your business!

Click here to order

Bruce is also co-author of AutoWeb Law. Protect your online business with the proper documentation.

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