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Yep, This is me!One thing I love about the Internet is how it can bring a world that is so torn together. The Internet opens up a whole world of opportunity that might not otherwise be available.

I live in a remote area of north central Idaho in the USA. I love the area we live in because of the water and trees-lots of them. Some would say we are behind the times where technology is concerned because many of the modern technologies are unavailable to us because of the terrain.  We do have indoor plumbing and the opportunity for unlimited access to the Internet, though!

When I first got involved with the Internet I had no clue where to begin. I was working an  mlm (multi-level marketing)  and wanted to gain worldwide exposure. My dream was to be able to quit my job and travel the open seas for the rest of my life and live happily ever after. Isn't that what we all want?

I kept hearing how others were "making it" with their websites and decided to get my feet wet. In my searching for how to market my products and business opportunity I soon found out the Internet provided a jungle of information-some useful, some not so useful.

I soon became aware that there were many businesses whose websites left a bit to be desired and realized that the main reason was lack of knowledge. I decided to share the things I had learned and by providing services, information and resources to help others with their online marketing.

As time went on I decided to use my new-found knowledge and put all of my efforts into helping  online businesses succeed and started Profit Power Internet Promotions which later became Clearwater Web Solutions.

As I started receiving traffic to my site  I realized that I needed a way to keep in contact with those visitors so I started my newsletter, PIP News. Subscribers started trickling in and I felt that I wanted to get to know my subscribers as more than just names in my email box. I devised a survey that is sent to each new  subscriber so I could learn more about who they are and what types of information they may be looking for. 

I started finding out that many of my subscribers were small business owners with a variety of products and services and that they came from all over the world. I enjoy being able to feel a bit more personal with my subscribers and visitors to my site rather than just a page or a name in this big cyberworld. Click here if you would like to submit the survey and let me know who you are and what you're doing.

In many ways I am still learning. Since things on the Internet change almost on a daily basis it is impossible to know everything. As information changes so will the information on this site.  During my time online, I have come in contact with many others who are much more knowledgeable than me in various areas.  Throughout the site you will be introduced to some of those people where they might be more helpful than I am.

I thoroughly enjoy helping others succeed and my goal is to provide useful information, resources and services along those lines. It is rewarding to receive messages from those who have gained even a small bit of help from the information provided and I know that it is worth the time and effort involved. I may never be able to just travel the open seas for the rest of my life, but being able to stay home with my family is well worth the effort.

I wish you the very best with your online ventures.