The first site on the Net to exchange
unsold advertising-space at auction.

The creators of and Engenius present, the first site on the net to exchange unsold ad-space at auction. is a unique service with something to offer companies both large and small: large internet sites with surplus ad space now have a viable manner to unload unused, unsold ad space and cut losses, while at the same time opening the market to smaller companies and 'would-be' sponsors.

"The high cost of advertising on major internet sites may often impede many smaller buyers and sellers from entering the fray; but no more" - says Fabio Salvadori, founder and CEO of PegasoWeb, " streamlines the advertising process for those lacking experience with the techniques of buying and selling, cutting down the costs and eliminating the need of agency representation (and commissions!). Now, with the advent of, those with advertising needs but a low budget can locate prime advertising space in a targeted area at a DISCOUNTED price--space which otherwise it would be impossible to purchase."

Still in the Beta phase, this service is completely free for all participants and charges no commissions for services rendered.

  • allows vendors to post unused ad space at a reserve, or lowest possible price (to guarantee against loss) and to specify the duration of the auction period.
  • allows buyers of all shapes and sizes to enter the auction site, click on the category displaying items of his or her particular interest, and make a bid.
  • provides the opportunity for small vendors to open themselves to advertisers, and the market of vending space, without the hassle of of agency representation or losing time in the search of prospective buyers or sponsors.
  • allows small businesses to locate prime advertising space in a targeted area at a discounted price, thus furthering the development and growth with powerful and effective advertising.
  • allows large businesses with established advertising campaigns and practices to branch out, exploring the viability of new areas with a minimum of risk.
  • is still in the Beta phase, and thus is open to program and service alteration based on user evaluation and suggestion.

PegasoWeb was founded in 1997 as the natural result of three years of work as a consultant into the search engine-related promotion field by Fabio Salvadori.

In May, 1998 PegasoWeb released Engenius, a web promotion software with a totally new approach to the way to get advantage in search engines traffic: not just a submission tool, but rather a web page analyzer able to automatically suggest the right changes in order to achieve a search engine top positioning.

Today, PegasoWeb is the European search engine-related promotion leader with more than 10,000 web sites served and its own site gets 500,000 hits every month.

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