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Backup versus Recovery - Which is more important? article by Pam Jones

Subterranean Data Storage Co., LLC

Fully Automated, secure, remote data backup and recovery services
Backup your data AND get it off-site everyday - automatically!

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Here are logical ANSWERS to your logical QUESTIONS

A government study found that 93% of companies that
experienced data recovery problems after a computer crash,
were out of business within 18 months. The vast majority of
these companies were small businesses not large corporations.
Large corporations focus on getting back 100%
of their data in a timely manner. They simply cannot afford
data loss or to be down very long. Neither can you.

We rely on and trust 
Subterranean Data Storage Co., LLC to backup the Clearwater Web Solutions website and the many websites that we host and maintain! Our data changes daily, we cannot afford to lose information and our customers count on us to make sure their websites have an accurate and continuous presence on the World Wide Web. 

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