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Books, Tapes, and Courses

Website Help

"The Complete HTML Teacher"
Learn how to design and maintain your own website with instructions you can FINALLY understand! Free E-Book download!


Insider Internet Marketing
Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or would just like to be, what you are about to discover should really get your juices flowing!
This is a "no-holds-barred," "down and dirty," "tell all" publication, straight from the mouth of a well-known Internet Marketing insider!

"Ultimate Site Promotions"
Learn how and where to promote your web site..What works, what doesn't!

Marketing Resources
Your One-Stop Marketing Resources Center. This site offers some FREE marketing courses and more!

Internet Marketing For Your Tourism Business 
This 560+ page book provides tourism operators with step-by-step strategies to increase their bookings online. The combination book/web site is full of easy to understand and implement tips, tools, techniques and resources.

Affiliate Marketing

Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants by Frank Fiore, Shawn Collins

The Practical Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Affiliate Program    If you need to realise results from your affiliate marketing campaign fast, then this new book will help you every step of the way - saving you time, money and frustration!

How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales by
Winning the Affiliate Game

Anyone can set up with affiliate programs, just like anyone can open a Web Site. But the real question is, are you making money with them? Discover the secrets of success by following the examples of affiliates generating easy sales; best of all, if you act now you can take advantage of a complete, Internet marketing system (a $197 value), yours absolutely free with this course. Increase your traffic and affiliate sales with: Winning the Affiliate Game: The Ten Step Master Plan to Maximizing Your Profits.


New Books written by Dr. Shirley White:

New "Dress to Win: 10 Steps to Maximum Personal Impact" A one-of-a-kind resource manual offering quick and easy pointers to help achieve a comfortable yet credible, professional appearance on "casual Friday." Learn how to avoid common blunders and dress casually for success. Ideal for personal improvement, to supplement an organization's casual dress code or as a great resource for managers. 

New "Casual Dress in the Workplace: 101 Terrific Tips"  "You never get a second chance
to make a first impression."
Are we often judged by our appearance? Is appearance important to one's career success? The answer is yes. Research studies have shown that wardrobe and body language speak more eloquently about us then anything we say. Like it or not - fair or not "we never get a second chance to make a first impression."

New "101 Winning Tips for Getting a Job" Despite what you have read or heard, there is no magic formula for finding a job.  You have to supply the magic:  your resources, your education, your experience, your accomplishments, your positive attitude, and the knowledge that you will succeed in your quest. The booklet, 101 Winning Tips for Getting a Job, is designed to help you in that quest.  In this quick and easy to read resource, you will find a mixture of useful facts, important information, and practical advice to help you get hired in today’s competitive job market.  Topics include resume, cover letter, thank-you letter writing; interview guidelines encompassing what to do before, during and after the interview; and other job-winning tips that will help you gain a competitive edge. 

New "Dress to Win Program" (2 audio cassettes and a 90-page illustrated book) is a professional development, self-help program designed to help both men and women project the most positive image possible. This program is written with you in mind. Whether you are new in the job market, a professional on the rise, a seasoned executive or someone in need of a confidence boost, Dress to Win will show you how to create a poised, self-assured impression. It will help you gain that extra edge which makes things happen--in your favor.

"The BizSuccess Strategy Book"   Step-by-step blueprint for business success

"BizSuccess SessionPak Series" The Unique, Do-It-Yourself Business Consulting Kits

I found "Internet Success Diamonds" to be simply to be very helpful. It includes THIRTY marketing secrets by TEN top Internet experts! Plus, it has a TRIPLE your money back guarantee!

Internet Success Blueprint includes a step-by-step business plan, Internet marketing tips and secrets, Quicktime movies and bonus ebooks. In fact, it includes everything needed to start an online business!

Going For Gold
A complete online and off-line marketing strategy for professional speakers, trainers and facilitators. This book has 200+ pages of practical, easy to implement strategies to increase your bookings, your profile in the industry and your web site traffic.


musivationlogo.gif (5825 bytes)

Combine the modern music industry with the self improvement industry, MusiVation™ quickly alters old negative paradigms to the positive.

Books by Shmuel (Sam) Vaknin, Ph.D.

"A Macedonian Encounter - Issues in Economy Studied through the
Macedonian Experience"

"Philosophical Musings"

"Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited"

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