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Marketing Message Boards
- Free advice from  experts

Discussion boards are one of my favorite tools. I have received a vast amount of information from visiting discussion boards and reading the messages and asking questions. They are also a great resource for letting others know what your niche is to online marketing.

Listed below are a few directories to help you find specific topics for discussion boards. If you have a discussion board or forum you can submit it to some of these directories, too.

Delphi Forums
Forum One Several hundred forum areas by category
iVilliage.com The Women's Network
Dejanews The Discussion Network

Here are some of my favorite message boards:

The CyberMarketing InfoBoard. A FREE forum where you can get answers to "anything cybermarketing." A real popular hangout!
Anthony Blake Online Open to everyone with questions, comments and advice about
running and succeeding in your own business.

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