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Tutorials, web site helps and add-ons

HTML Tutorials

Basic HTML: Primer #1
Introduction/What You Will Need by Joe Burns, Ph.D.

FREE CGI Scripts and JavaScripts:

The CGI Resource Index 
Free CGI Scripts 
Big Nose Bird 
Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source

Free CGI Tutorials

The Most Simple Introduction To CGI
Your First CGI Perl Script 

Free Feedback Forms

You will have a new form up on your site in 10 minutes. (sm) You can now have free fill-out forms which email you feedback from your website visitors!  You do not need to be able to access CGI on your provider's server.  You don't even have to know CGI!  Freedback.com will also generate the HTML for you, so there's nothing complicated to do or learn.

Check your browser compatibility

Here are a couple of utilities to use to see what your site looks like in different browsers.

A free web-based service that will help you find compatibility problems with various browsers. Quickly run your site through Bobby and it will help you make your Website more accessible to surfers with all browser versions.

Find out exactly how all of your visitors SEE your page in Navigator 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, Explorer 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, or WebTV. You'll be surprised!

Does your website need a tune-up?

Net Mechanic
Check your website for broken links, HTML validation, optimize your images, and monitor your server's performance.

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