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Creating Your Advertisements

You will want to create several different ads for each product or service you wish to sell. Don't try to sell in the advertisement. Your main objective is to get the prospect to request more information. When they respond to your ad you can then send them your sales letter and additional information.

Be prepared with various sized ads and keep them in an ad folder on your hard drive. This will make it convenient to copy and paste them when the time comes to submit the ads.

You will need to be prepared with various sized ads:

An ad with just a headline and email address or url.
A 30 to 45 word ad
A 65 word ad
A 1/2 page ad
A whole page ad
A Press Release

If you have the various sized ads prepared ahead of time it will save you a lot of time when submitting your ads.

Use Buzz Words


Keying (Tracking) Your Ads

I have written an article entitled "Coding Your Advertising". You can read it online at or you can request it from my autoresponder by sending an email message to

Additional articles on advertising can be found in the Resource Room at

Offer FREE Information

If you advertise to make a sale, you’re probably not going to be as successful as if you advertised to get a lead. Your goal from your advertisements should be to get the lead and from the lead create a personal relationship so you can obtain the sale. Online is much different than offline. Your prospects don't know you from Adam. You will stand a much better chance of making the sale by getting to know your prospect a little bit first.

Step 1 - Place your ad offering free information, tape, consultation, whatever it is you are going to offer in order to get the lead.

Step 2 - Deliver your sales material and try to close the sale.

Step 3 - Follow Up with the prospects who didn't purchase from Step 2.

Where will you advertise


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