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How To Submit Your New Site to the Search Engines

The first thing you need to do once your site is the way you want it is to submit it to the search engines. It is best to submit to the major search engines manually. It took me a long time before I finally submitted my site to the search engines, mainly because I didn't know what to do. Once I submitted to the first one, I found out it wasn't as big a deal as I thought it was. The whole process might take a whole half hour to complete.

You want to submit to the major search engines manually-Don't use submission software to submit to the major ones. To make it super easy I have listed all of the major search engines here. Just click on the link, find the Add a Site link (this might be buried in the links at the bottom of the page), follow the instructions to submit your site, close the window and go on to the next one. Easy-huh.

It may take up to six weeks or more for your site to get indexed with the search engines. Most of the search engines will revisit your site, but you will want to resubmit approximately once every few months or any time you make a major change to your site to maintain your listings.

To submit your site yourself click here. I have set up a page that conveniently lists all of the major search engines and directories as well as some other beneficial places to submit your site. Just click on the link and a new window will open up. Submit your site, close the window and go on to the next one. The whole process may take about 1/2 hour to an hour once you get the hang of it. 

When you are finished submitting your site to the search engines be sure to return to this page for additional information about the search engines and how you can better promote your site.

Now that you have submitted your site to the major search engines you can think about submitting it even further. There are various pieces of software that will submit your site to thousands of search engines. I use the Soft Spider to submit your site to some of the other search engines and directories at once. Click here for a Free trial download.

You can also use software to analyze your search engine positioning to gain more targeted traffic. WebPosition Analyzerô Software is one that I use. Click here for a Free Trial Download.

Other search engine resources I have found to be helpful are:

Search Engine Watch  This is a very comprehensive site to keep you up to date on what is happening with the search engines

Search Engine Tactics Electronic book (e-book) can be downloaded at   

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