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How To Create A Signature File

 The best form of advertisement online is your signature line. A sig line is a few sentences inserted with every email you send out. It is another form of online business card. Most email programs will let you set up a signature of about six lines. Some will allow full messages. Include your URL, a short description, phone number, address, whatever may be relevant. Your signature goes to anyone you send a message to. Here is my sig line as an example:

Pam Jones
Clearwater Web Solutions
Helping Businesses Establish Their Online Presence


By creating several different signature files and storing them as templates you can pick and chose which ones you want to use. If you have a newsletter and you are corresponding with a subscriber you might use a signature file pertaining to one of your products.

I have a different signature file for every product I can sell from my site. If my correspondence doesn't warrant a blatant mention of the product, I can include a subtle nudge by including it in my signature file.

Don't create a signature that is miles long. I have received messages where the signature was longer than the message and included every single affiliate program the sender was involved in. I, personally, consider this a form of spamming.

How to Setup a Signature

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